Our Mission

Zest offers support and opportunity to people living in disadvantaged areas of Leeds, addressing health inequalities and social isolation through activities which improve physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing.

Our Purpose

Zest-Health for Life was established in September 2002 as a Healthy Living Centre for Inner East Leeds. Now, commissioned by NHS Leeds and funded by a wide range of Leeds based funders and UK-wide charitable trusts, Zest works across East Leeds on a wide range of activities aimed at promoting health, community development and community cohesion. It also operates the Ministry of Food Leeds project, based in Kirkgate market and aimed at teaching basic cooking skills and healthy eating.

Benefits to the community

Zest offers hope, support, aspiration and opportunity to people living in disadvantaged areas of East Leeds. We address health inequalities and social isolation through a range of activities which enable people to improve their physical, mental, social, financial and emotional wellbeing.

Results and outcomes

Through Zest's activities, people feel supported to make lifestyle changes, make friends and social networks, join groups, volunteer, undertake training, address financial problems, apply for jobs, start cooking, take physical exercise and engage with their communities. The Ministry of Food project demonstrates statistically significant outcomes relating to healthier eating and sustained behaviour change, and evaluation shows that 87% of our clients feel we have helped them achieve their goals.

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